Posted by: Prem Piyush | March 11, 2005

Useless gender equality flags

Before reading the post first exclude the shameful inhuman attitude towards any gender.

Read it in continuation to this post from Ayan’s blog , as my present views.

The reasons can be tracked back to our culture, literature, and upbringing of the both gender especially in Indian context. Still they (ladies) consider the men as the superior personality. However high they rise in their lives, there are points when they still expect their men higher order then her, be it about status, emotional or physical. The cry for equality ceases to exist here.

The approach of not treating girls without any specialty increases and uplifts the image of the personality of any man. I am not talking about the superiority feeling but don’t care attitude. Not only once but several times I too felt it.

The time man is submissive, the society does not accept that where it can be seen as one’s weakness (Only family may be an exception). This thing seen in reverse way is acceptable. The equality flag bearers will accept this fact too.

There are hidden and dedicated patterns in Man or Woman which are unique and can never be equaled but they are only complementary.

Ayan, Ami Pisomosair kothai purnotah agree. I would like to add that Madam Curie was dedicated to her family, husband as well as Science. No doubt Mr. Curie was the same. They are only 0.5 % on the earth and the good examples of equality.


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