Posted by: Prem Piyush | March 10, 2005

How many “points out of 100” would you give to Budget 2005?

Dear Friends,
The Budget 2005 has been presented.
Politicians and journalist have many things to say. These all are their view.
But what we need is “Public itself should speak and give comments from her side”. Afterall finally it is public who is going to be worst affected from the budget.

Does this budget justify with the agriculture and farmer of India?
Is this budget capable to check the increasing price?
Does the problem of unemployment and poverty is addressed in this budget?

So let us sit again and discuss on it in the 8th sitting of Manthan.

Subject: “Budget 2005 hamari najar me.”
Date: 13th march, 2005.
Time: 11 A.M.
Venue: India Gate (Left side of the way from India gate to Rashtrapati Bhawan Just out side the Inner circle.

We will discuss on the budget and give marks from our side. (If we give 100 marks to our dream budget. Then how much marks would we like to give to budget 2005?)

Hope to see you there on the spot at 11 o’clock. A.M.

Please come with all your bullets and guns.


(On Behalf of Manthan)

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