Posted by: Prem Piyush | March 5, 2005

Blogging – Hinglish Vs. Hindi

One thing I saw weeks ago that the group of language specific bloggers exists , the Hindi bloggers. The thing which attracted me there is the same cordial approach of the north Indian families and respect. The people are really helpful and sharing the ideas and thoughts like childhood friends. Which I am missing in my English blogger’s community where the names are never added ‘ji’ at last not comes the question of adding ‘bhai’ or ‘bahan’ at the end of the name. One apparent reason is the English does not know the language of respect nor it has much thing for it. Second reason is even the Indian culture lover when wear the veil of English talk in uncomfortable manner. I don’t intend to hurt any English blogger but simple would like to suggest that go and see most of the bloggers who are residing far from the mainland but still have attached with invisible strings and the strong Indian sense in their Hindi blogging. It’s pity that the Indians living in the mainland miss this goodness. The persons there are well established technical and literary professionals and behave in a quiet friendly approach which seems that their words coming from some north Indian streets and carelessly straight from the heart.

Learn this thing my English bloggers and make such a community here too. Even if you cannot write in Indian languages on net at least support the Indian culture and etiquette here too, at least I love that.


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