Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 27, 2005

Sometime Heads – sometime Tails

Time have the tendency to change the direction of wind. Like the direction of changing wind the one person’s need of other also changes. I have seen several instance in my life when the needy and donor interchanged the role. But it’s against my principal to take revenge in such case someone hurts/ignores me. But nature has his own rule above any one’s principals. I am giving a fresh instance of it.

Coin tossed >> Head
In a bank or any office, I am against the backdoor works, when people will go to the backdoor and get the work done earlier than the persons standing in queue. Although the office, I belong have an upper hand to get the work done earlier even at the backdoor. Once for some draft making I was in a queue may be at 9 or 10th position. The person sitting on the counter was working with the cheques and other papers coming from the backdoor. It became more than half an hour to push 3 positions in the queue. Like every body else I too was getting late, so I told him who was looking the age of my father or less “Uncleji jara jaldi kijeye na”(Uncle, please fasten the work). “Hum aapke uncle kab se ho gaye – Line mein lage rahiye” (Since when I became your uncle? Stand in line only.), came the prompt reply. The persons standing in front of me as well as back since half an hour like victims of queue standers, did not have courage to tell him anything to stop the back door works, but they got a good chance to smile at me. I kept silent. Actually in that bank I have many persons close to me and also from my colony, to them I call bhaiya (elder brother) or uncle. In that pattern only I did mistake of calling him uncle. It was a shameful moment for me again for my easy tendency of being informal.

Coin tossed >> Tail
Yesterday, I was announcing the names of counting duty personals, where distribution of honorarium and appointment letter were handed over. The peoples were mostly bank staffs. I was announcing the name of the person one by one and they were taking their honorarium. Some were coming in mid way telling their urgency “Sir, mujhe jaldi jana hai, mujhe *** kaam hai” (Sir I have hurry , I have to do *** works). To very few people’s requests, I complied. As an effect afterwards this kind of frequency increased and it’s became impractical to comply with more such requests. But people were coming and taking their honorarium according to names being announced mostly. Suddenly a person came to my table and started searching his appointment letter from the bunch kept there ‘without his name being announced’. He found out space in between the three persons already near to table. Names were being called serially without any bias. Now the person’s manner crossed all limits. Seeing the letters arrangement was being disturbed, I looked at the person. He was the same person from that bank (who was not my uncle). I was sure that he must not remember me because that day he was sitting down inside the cabin and I was far back in the line. The words of hurting or inspiration is remembered much longer time if it touches one’s heart line so the face of the person. Honorarium was a paltry sum of money being given. But he seemed most hurried and also started searching for other’s appointment letters along with his own. I could have scolded him for his manner or could have made fun of him to give him a lesson back. But I thought I was there to serve the all others people sitting there too. In that busy hour, when others were awaiting anxiously for their name to be announced, I restrained from any such adverse mood and let him finish his aim and told my co-workers to give him money. After getting the things he left the table and I continued announcing the names.

I was feeling pity on him.


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