Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 23, 2005

Useless Tears for Mahatma !

This post deals with M. K. Gandhi. And the excerpt is from his autobiography (Page 81) under chapter name ‘Raichandbhai’. The paragraph deals about his mother’s death and his reaction on the news.

“I was pinning to see my mother. I did not know that she was no more in the flesh to receive me back into her bosom. The sad news was now given me, and I underwent usual ablution. My brother had kept me ignorant of his death, which took place whilst I was still in England. He wanted to spare me the blow in a foreign land. The news, however, was none the severe shock to me. But I must not dwell upon it. My grief was even greater than over my father’s death. Most of my cherished hopes were shattered. But I remember that I did not give myself up to any wild expression of grief. I could even check the tears, and took to life just as though nothing had happened. ”

Autobiographies are the honest writings and presuming Mr. Gandhi also did so. It should not be questioned. But I want to know that did anyone wept and shed tears on the news of his death? If yes, did they shed useless tears?


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