Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 22, 2005

My peaceful blog world

This is my virtual world of blog. To me it seems as if I am sleeping on the bed of pages and taking one strip from here and there for writing and sleeping on it again. Now why I call it peaceful is because of not having annoying traffic in my blog. Earlier seeing the others blog with many comments and high traffic, I used to think that people will come to my blog and post here comment. Fortunately at the right time, as I was suggested, I did not care about the comments. Now I feel the value of having scarce comments here. I just keep speaking; bring out my thoughts as per my mood and convenience. No one disturbs me here. Why I am telling about disturbance is the reason that when I see the other popular blogs, if the blog administrator will sing, it will be a chorus, write that will be read, everything is good, very good. But the situation becomes difficult for him when he wants to sneeze, people will shout just before disturbing the sneeze. If he weeps people will carry several handkerchiefs to wipe out the tears and they will not allow even to completer the weeping. The ventilation becomes difficult. There are times when we like to tell our state of mind just for patience hearing only and at other times will like to get it shared. But sometimes I too feel the need of interactions on the topics of discussion.

Every addict blogger likes to write for different individual reason. I too write; such that my memories and thoughts will be collected in an organized way and along with I can vent out my feelings too. But I ask a question here should one vent out his/her feelings, which may show his/her weakness? My own answer will be yes. First reason is once you write it may or may not it be heard (read) by others but there is a psychological satisfaction of saying. After you type or say something there is feeling of relaxation, something like, okey, I have told that. There may be different opinions, but to me it is also one of the several reasons of blogging. Misuse of this openness by others can’t be justified, I feel so. And we must understand and remember this fact in future too. Although sharing or helping in pains or happiness is equally important. Now one more question arises here, who will share or help. ‘Any one’ is the reply. Let we are traveling in a train, don’t we like to share the jokes or problems at the instant although we know that the destinations may be different. Exceptions are the travelers who will keep silent throughout the journey and in night keep their shoes on the fan!

Before I was known to blogging in October, I was almost helpless to express. The town I live here, there are very few friends in my close circle and everyone including me is busy. My other friends are not near to me but they are online mostly. After blogging begun I started published my writings. Set me free to write freely, I will be writing, and writing for my satisfaction. The topic may include that some of my pigeons died from cold , Java 1.5 have a serious fault, what features of a raga make it time specific, what is Alzheimer’s disease. Of course I will write on these topics too.

Every time I publish a post, I take a deep breath of relaxation or relief. As the day passes and I read my own early posts I see a lot of improvements in them. But only due to this reason I wouldn’t delete my previous posts of my early days. The beauty of development lies from those posts only. At the same time I think whether this post will be look immature after 10 years. I have planned to blog till my last day after that someone will again continue my blog surely. I do try to maintain honesty and transparency in my posts which will be read by my army of great grand sons and daughters too.

I was talking about the peacefulness in blogging. For that I think that if I have high unsolicited traffic today, it will be almost impossible to manage those after 10 or 20 years. For that reason too I am happy with my present. I may have few readers only as per my guess ( I don’t know actually), but I am happy with few readers only. My statistics shows that there are few regulars, but none disturbs me here. In contrast, some bloggers gets disturbed by me few times, although I never have any intension to do that.

I am happy and want to thank everyone who makes my blogging successful starting from my smart fingers who are excited for typing this line and the display device making company’s employee, who made the screen, where my post is being read.


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