Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 11, 2005

Glimpses from Pitu’s marriage

  • After all Pitu got married to a software engineer .(Read the previous post)
  • When I reached there my friends and teachers failed to recognize me at all because of my sparse hairline and changed physique. To Vineet, I needed introduction, he is my Navodaya’s close friend.
  • A naughty kid asked me about the price of a coffee cup at the coffee stall kept at the reception. When I told him as a joke, the cost of each cup is 25 paisa he started running to his mom for bringing 25 paisa. But when I told it will be given free of cost once all baratis have taken it, he sat calm on the chair to wait.
  • Kanyadan was done by the most respected lady of the house, the grandma of Pitu, She repeated each and every mantra correctly despite cold, her age and monotonous sitting.
  • There is ritual better to say a play when the bride and her sister sit near to each other with fully covered head and groom have to find out the real bride out of them. There groom failed to do so and choose out Miki, Pitu’s own sister. And the anger of Miki and laugh of relatives was worth seeing.
  • Vineet changed his dinner table carrying his thali-glass because there some girl sat near to his thali. He is a corporate working guy.
  • Macher mura (The full head of Fish) is not only given in Bengali community to the guests but it was also given to VVIPs in baratis there.
  • The coffee machine, which the coffee vendor was using had live current of 220 volts every where on the machine surface because of accidental short circuit in the machine but he successfully kept making coffee cups without unveiling the fact 🙂 .
  • Baratis carried double barrel guns proudly, which is common in their community.
  • Want more picturesque view, wait till colour images arrives me.

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