Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 5, 2005

Pitu’s Marriage

As Pitu is Prashant’s sister, she is JNVP 1st batch’s sister too. Tomorrow is her marriage at Purnea. How jhola wale patrakar bhaiya 🙂 (she used to call me) can miss her marriage? During Holy celebrations, the batchmates used to gather at Prashant’s house. The delicacies prepared by aunt, Yum Yum…… and quarrel with Pitu in the mean time (when aunt is not present there) are still fresh in memory. Still last year I have found her same talking machine and criticizer of us, the CS bhaiyas. She still gives good reasons for her profession as sun baked civil engineer than comfortable programmers who sit in ACs. During discussions, by hooks and crooks (I know Pitu is not reading this 🙂 ), she will win her point of discussion. Any way it’s nice to see her winning. If she loses then we are not certain of her mood :-D.

Whether the smiling, honest, quarrelling girl will change after marriage, I wonder. To me some persons if not change its better.But what a vacuum we will feel once she leaves the house is beyond my descriptive ability.

We wish her share of all the joys we all brothers have.


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