Posted by: Prem Piyush | February 5, 2005

Defining one’s identity

There are many ways we can know about a person. First and best way is to meet the person, know his/her address and interact with him/her. And this interaction is not necessary for an experienced person; the gestures of the other new person itself tell many things.

But I am not sure of the conditions when this method fails. There are cases, when a person fails to know his/her own blood, when the child grows up and gets changed completely or the relatives/friends turn out foes. To me it’s the faith on the identity which needs to be maintained otherwise identity becomes polymorphic and vice versa.

Without seeing the person in real life one can judge about the person to an extent with the writings and expressions of the person. The writings and expressions are the reflections of her/his personality. Anyone’s handwriting is also the identity of the person but this method is uncommon and requires a lot of experience. I am fortunate to find this capability in me to an extent. Hearing a person’s speeches and songs also give some identity of the person. Contemporary paintings, sculpture, poems, novels and many other forms of expression also tell about the thinking and mentality of the creator and the world around him/her. Of course the visual media is another way to know about the person like cinema or television but this gets limited to identity of actors and performers.

If you ask me, who I am? To me, it’s quiet difficult defining myself and give you my complete identity. And I fail to explain it to my or your satisfaction.

In this net culture the identity of a person needs redefining. Digital bits flow with expressions, knowledge and also confusions. Even if I am entangled in this web; I try to make a negligible identity here too. I see my tiny Turing Machine lost here although it’s not halted.

This negligible identity when again questioned puts me in a strange situation. I have been thinking that my words, drawings will be my identity, but that was my mistake. How I can expect everyone to see through my eyes? To my present capacity, my identity is my blog content and my photograph at my profile. May in coming days, I will meet more and more people all over India in real.


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