Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 29, 2005

Get a Free Favicon !!

Before you read this post you can see a favicon in the location bar of this blog. You are seeing an image of a colourful heart. It took me 1 hour to create it. Thanks the company who provided the software free of cost. The favicon gives distinct look to the web address in the location bar as well as appears in the tabs of the browsers to give the website’s look more professional. Every art, poem and story tells more than just colours and words. To me the reason of choosing a heart as favicon is it’s associatively with love and as a synonym of my name too. Any one’s heart always wants to be in pleasure. So I have tried to put all the seven colours in it to symbolise the pleasures. Although in such a small dimension some colours are used in less quantity. Giving it a three dimensional look was again a challenge. My aim towards my arts, poems, writings and even music is to communicate to my audience and visitors.

You too can create yourself such a favicon. Or you can get made it professionally from the favicon experts. Try it or one more alternative is here. Describe your chosen theme ( Please avoid natural scenarios as a theme :-D) of the desired favicon in the comment or my yahoo-id. I will do my best to make one and give you the relevant HTML code (favicon location embedded in it).Then you have to only add the HTML code in your blog template, so that the created favicon will appear in your blog for ever (Of course you can test it before posting on the site). Yes for my readers it’s free service. Do hurry ! Limited Editions from Prem’s art gallery :-).


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