Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 28, 2005

When ego breaks

Last month, one night around 11 pm, I was immersed in my books and keyboard.

“Prem…” Ma was calling me. Usually Ma does not call me while I am studying. So It was surely some necessary call from Ma. Although her voice was calm as usual, and I had seen her reading on the bed before coming to my room. I did not panic. I got up from the chair and attended her call. I understood that she will tell me some work to do. As I reached there she was closing the book, which she was reading. She had still some pages to read from “Vaitarini” which we got from NBT, Kolkata shop. She was going to sleep now because she had morning schools next day.

I had already finished the book. So we discussed some of the literary aspects of the book. As we finished talking she gave me spectacles to keep on the table and told me to switch the light off. I was aware that because of these works only she had called me. When a child grows up, he has some innovative ideas to follow and these ideas have contradiction with the ideas of the experienced persons. Me and Ma are no exception at few times in this regard although we both have a great understanding.

As I was taking the specs of Ma from her to keep on the table, I told her that she can put it near to pillow too at times, as I do for my specs. Ma leaves no chance to make me perfect human. She told me about the importance of specs and always keep it in the case or a safe place when not being used. She also told me about the wearing and taking the specs off with both hands. After I heard everything from her, I accepted my habit of wearing specs with one hand and taking off same way. While I was telling, I also demonstrated this and was going to tell that I never had any problem with this habit. I took off my specs with my left hand as my habit. I succeeded to do it and frame was safe in my hand. Ting!!!!!!!!!! Some thing has fallen on the floor it was my right glass from the specs frame. I bent down on the floor to pick it up, and it had broken partially. I was dumb struck. My ego to contradict elder’s suggestion had broken down. My face reddened. Ma did not smile or got angry. She told in sorrow “Ah! Bhenge gelo” ( Ah! It broke down). She did not told me much since she knew well that the sound of breaking glass was as loud as lightening for me with a thunderstorm. Rather she was feeling sorry for my glasses. She had remorse and told me that because of her only it broke down, had she not called me, my glass would not break!
She knew that something much harder than glasses had already broken.


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