Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 23, 2005

Today for me

I am always happy today. On this day my New Year starts because I travel with the mother earth around the Sun again. The God has provided me another opportunity to spend more time with my co-passengers. I thank the God for feeling myself fortunate and His kind vision on me. On this day my Maa was the happiest person on earth like any other mother on earth. She might have seen the possibilities of her greatest hopes coming true. Her queries to the God were answered today. Today my father might have thought he got another support with him. Today I had seen my father carrying my first red small bicycle to my surprise. I am obliged to my elders for their blessings and my friends and well wishers for the journey I have completed till now.
May some good souls who are fortunate as me for this day, even if they have departed to the final destination, give their blessings such that I can meet them proudly.



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