Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 19, 2005

Spikes in Roses

I have planted a flower garden in front of my house.
It has Dahlias, Marigold, Chrysanthemums, Panjee and so many flowers.
The Dahlias and several seasonal flowers don’t have fragrance but I plant them because they look nice and of course the persons who pass by my house are happy to see them most of the time. I never tell them to see my garden but being my house on roadside, travelers see them. I don’t plant them because they should appreciate them but because I feel nice to spend my time and take care of them. Seeing them grown up and flowering looks beautiful and please me.
But I am especially interested in roses, so I take special care for them. These roses are of many variety and sizes. Of course the rose is king of flowers. These roses have spikes too. Some times my visitors could not resist smelling the beautiful roses after holding their stem. While trying to get their fragrance apart from their beauty the spikes pierce in their hand too. And their fingers get hurt a bit. When they get hurt they wish that if roses did not have spikes! I can’t help them. But these wishes are frequent from them. I like the spikes and also get hurt from them because I know someday these stems, which have spikes now, will have buds and full flower stems will grow from them. I could not help myself one day when a frequent visitor of my garden who again wanted to give me lesson about the gardening and was telling me about the spike less roses, I told him to stay away from my garden for some days and if he passes by the nearby road not to see towards it. His eyes had tears.


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