Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 10, 2005

(Un)Developed Browser Technologies

Are you using a good browser, if yes what is it’s name?
I am asking this because:
The technology is evolving leaps and bounds. The machine and software improves overnight. One technology is complementing as well as supplementing the others.
The software versions are improving. Improvements are in the sense of more facilities and less bugs.
For example Internet explorer (IE) and Netscape Navigator (NN) and few others popular web browsers are still trying to upgrade their versions to make them more user friendly. No doubt NN is more powerful browser and on the other hand IE is the more popular and Mozilla is sidelined despite goodness. Today some developer is using a technology the overnight it’s adopted by the others. If one supports frame other tries to trap it. The need of JavaScript support was a reason of frequent updating of the respective browsers. Again CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) appeared to make the presentation of the material stylish. But it is still bad enough for Microsoft‘s soft guys (of course girls too) to parse the CSS code successfully for their IE’s latest version. One can easily tell that the appearance of the same web page changes as the browser changes. If we start thinking from the view of the developers of these browsers, there is various needs of so many compatibilities like JavaScript, CSS, JVM, graphics, screen types, Operating System and Resolutions of different monitors, etc. Each one changing frequently and more additions of add-ins come and the browser has to be compatible with each thing successfully. And once it is developed it must be available in freely J downloadable form. The situation becomes hard for so called soft personals developing it. Foxfire (a Mozilla based browser) supporters wait till the version number increases from 1.0 to some bigger floating point number. After all crossing hurdles at first attempt is not expected by any browser (even the cleverest Fox). Beware of a Thunderbird (e-mail application) which is flying above it. It may attack your “Outlook”ing e-mail application birds to vanish. But there is no harm to experiment it in parallel.
Last days I felt the need of the general consciousness about the browsers when Unicode characters failed to display properly and CSS was working weirdly in the IE and same was correct in NN.
So to make a general consensus about the browsers what we (bloggers) are using please let me know what type of browser you are using. Please invest one more minute ( Already your few minutes got wasted reading this blog) of your precious time for telling me This survey is being done on the “global readers” of mine and all of them can be counted on fingers :-). Okay we may shift to other browser from one which we are using but why can’t we improve our visibility after using better browser based on the comparison. Your piece of information will be useful for all of us in future too.

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