Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 8, 2005

When good Blogs fails to express!

Good thinkers are having great quantity of grey matters in their brain. They have a very good logic too in their brain. They are prompt to reply and tell a lot of things to prove their point. And there are bloggers who are good thinkers. But everything turns useless when his fellow readers fail to understand his writings. This is not because his blogs have worthless topics the content is fine but they lack the expression capacities. The reasons can be stated as the “direct link” between the complex circuitry in their brain and the blog they write. Complexity of their brain gets directly reflected in the blogs. The flow of the thoughts exists, but they sometime form the uncertain Tsunami waves going to many directions without any productivity. These waves of thought at last may hit the coast of disclaimer or the blogger will use some adjective for own brain. The lexicon is surely an asset for such blogs but the words used, is again useless when people are not able to interpret their contextual meaning. The matter becomes ambiguous too when it mixes with long sentences.
I had made one painting on Tsunami and one of the comments was for more clarity. My Turing Machine (my blog) accepted that and I tried it in my next painting. Each brain is unique in ideas but until we are able to express them successfully the medium of communication fails.
And many of the blogs I see fall in this category. Unlike earlier, now I may not get trapped in these complex blogs. But fact is like majority of the readers, I like to read the blogs, which are lucid to read and transparent. The blogs which tell many things at the same time are good and the blogs which tell one thing clearly at a time are better. It’s about not to mix up the complexity of the thoughts with the simplicity of the medium of expression. Such that it will not require any more clarification on the same blog after the comments starts appearing on the blogs.


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