Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 7, 2005

Disclaimers and Blogs

Movies start with disclaimers. Software is installed after accepting disclaimers. Newspapers and such media different have disclaimers on the published material. To me in these contexts the uses of disclaimers are justifiable. But it’s difficult to digest the frequent disclaimers in the blogs. To prove it I wouldn’t put any disclaimer here.
My blogs are my personal diary, magazine, or to be book like any other blogs. It contains the authentic text or drawing from my pen/brush to express myself freely on the free space available to me. The contained obtained from other sources are given proper credit before presenting. The personal expressions should be given ample opportunity to be expressed. These blogs have great potential to give/take the direction in which we think leading towards an unseen perfection. If my blogs hurt you or pleases you let it happen. My thoughts are clear and comes my heart .I need not write disclaimers to make is more clear and appreciable.
Let’s hurt each other. Let’s please each other. Let’s ventilate and share our thoughts with a rare use of disclaimers. This is needed for better communication of course after choosing better words at our discretion and the readers must be open minded to accept the diversity of thoughts.
Any comments ?

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