Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 4, 2005

Cool Vs. Cold Buddies

The unconventional trends regarding the dresses, behavior and languages get noticed easily and become objects of criticism by conventionally called cold (not cool) persons. The “cool” persons along with their cronies follow some unconventional trends due to influence of other cultures as experiments or to set themselves apart from the crowd. But sometimes these un-conventions become trend in long run. Dupattaless salwar suits and fitting jeans dresses were not very much popular with our parents or grand parents. Now in the 21st century it does not matter at all when the girls are wearing T-shirts and jeans. It is acceptable now. The accent of talking has also changed. In this cyber-era salutations are summarized by Hi – Hello. The sense of elder – younger is a rare thing. I think we are just the conventional resistors towards the non-conventions, which is taking place in the dress code as well as language. The transformers follow the non – conventions. We have accepted changes in some of the dresses and language compared to the past generations. We are fitting the measurements not measurable by them. So shouldn’t we be prepared to see more transformations in near future in our kids and grand-kids influenced by the powerful media and western culture and which will be beyond our control?


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