Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 31, 2004

Small – Big Groups and Happy New Year

New Year will be celebrated tomorrow. There will be big parties where thousands gallons of wine will be served, tons of chickens will be fried and sweets will be distributed. And sure there are at least 70,000 families effected with Psunami still in shock without any New Year wishes. There are also supporters who will not celebrate New Year in parties and they will send the money for the relief work that was intended to spend on New Year celebrations. But the irony is that these people form the small group compared to the former group of celebrators.
For me there are three new years one 1st January, other 23rd January and one more 1st of Biasakh (first month of Indian Calendar). For that reason too 1st January is not very much important to me. Like others I too make wishes and exchange greetings to follow the convention. But doing parties never attracted me. By this way I belong to the small group. For the coming first January I am determined to arise awareness among the people for collecting funds for the relief of Psunami affected and donate it to PM relief fund. This is apart from our contribution of one day’s salary towards the fund. As today when my friends heard my decision to celebrate the New Year this way they appreciated it. In contrast there are also people around me collecting money for the party and the wine to be purchased for tonight and tomorrow. My effort to convince them almost became ridicule and they form the majority of society.
There are people, who agree to help according to their capability when I reach them. Based upon this I see there are two groups again in form of the donors and the receivers. The donors have the basic helping attitude and they form the large group and the receivers have the motivation to convince them to donate and they form the small group. Going door to door and making people aware of these I belong to the small group and I like to in this group, which is respected after wards they have done the job.
This small group will also celebrate the New Year; there will be food of social service, wine of sweat and making arrangement for the basic livelihood of at least one person, who have missed everything except the soul.
Wish A Happy New Year to big and small groups in the world and may next year bring good benedictions to all of us.


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