Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 26, 2004

Bihar – the write thing ! (4) – Common man and Media

Before I continue this series, I would like to make clear about the phenomenon about being Bihari which arose during comments and chats. Here the Bihari means the residents of Bihar, who are proud of many things and at the same time devoid of respect which was available to them in past as a resident of this particular territory.
No doubt they are spread over the whole India doing various odd jobs and also on the responsible posts and there is something which makes us some what different from the average Indian. Be it be the large number of desperate candidates travelling outside the state for competition exams or the red shirt wearing coolies spread over New Delhi station to Lumding station in lower Assam after taking Chura( Bitten Rice) and Gur (Jagery) tied in cloth or Sattu sarbat, strongly determined to face challenges. Be it the representation in ministerial posts in center or the needy voters who take money from ministers for buying sweets or the poor literacy rate or failed population control efforts we Biharis make a difference for sure.
My readers may blame it to media hype or some specific facetious (Cleverly amusing in tone) leaders for making Bihar backward state.
I am not giving the gloomy picture of Bihar but I am trying to find out the circumstances which make the Bihar a backward state. Blaming was never my aim; my effort is to find out the lacuna (A blank gap or missing part) within us as well as the best characteristic dormant within us.
Please don’t blame media; they too don’t have many things to publish here. For them doing here business is more difficult than other state.
I reside near the border of Bihar and West Bengal. The daily newspapers published from West Bengal cost 1.00 Rs. – 2 .50 Rs. and the newspapers published from Bhagalpur and Patna cost 3.50 Rs. or more on weekdays. The reasons can be guessed out; the prominent advertisers come in less number. But it mostly contains local trivial news and many a times missing national and international news. To increase the sale of newspaper they will arrange various contests for local people. For me the headlines in these newspapers are distractive. Some cheap quality magazines are well sold too here which have a large number of young readers. Bihar even though is the birth place of many Hindi scholars, but their readers form only a higher stratum of society.
One thing more in constant demand is competition books and Biharis are specialized in preparing for the railways, banks and Staff selection competitions (Description of preparing for engineering and medical and UPSC can make several blogs again). Biharis are well known for being good at Mathematics and reasoning and a bit weak in English .Their mathematics inclination is strengthened by the fact that the birth place of famous Aaryabhatta, the genius was in Kusumpur (Currently Patna).

Am I am too descriptive about Bihar? May you need change of taste, so wait for the sip of fine CTC tea in next episode in this foggy winter which is being produced in Bihar again.


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