Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 23, 2004

Bihar – the write thing ! – (3) – Democracy

I am fortunate enough to visit the centre of first democratic republic of the world, Vaishali, in one of my Navodaya Vidyalaya, Purnea educational excursions. This is situated at 55 km. from Patna across the Ganga. Vaishali also known as Lichhwi and Vajji Sangha set a trend for the world to follow the new concept of democracy. The trend is still in Bihar but the method and values have reversed. One can see the deep malaise in the majority of the vote bank of democracy here. Hopeful citizens will go in form of the hypnotized herd and will stand below the dais to hear their leaders. These speeches of the top leaders are too facetious to be taken seriously by the intellectual class. Even after their term in power, the representatives will hark back the issues raised in the last elections. And we have patience to hear them! After casting the precious vote with a great hope, the common man is paranoid about his security and future generation.
Among the development programs and schemes promulgated, very few will reach the base class of beneficiaries. How much of the amount is sent and how much reaches the needy hands is again a statistics beyond the common man’s capacity of calculation.

I do agree that when most of these issues are prevalent in the other states too then why should Bihar be blamed so much. Yes, we need to be get blamed several times more. We taught everyone the lesson of democracy and we are the biggest sufferer now. Where are those lessons we taught about the power of people for the welfare of people during 600 B.C. in Vaishali? Are those buried or got lost? If those lessons are anywhere in existence ,we need to revise it once more and set a trend again to be followed by others and prove that yes we are Biharis.



  1. in the last sentence, not ‘quiet’ but it should be ‘quite’

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