Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 9, 2004

Plane of Curves –

There was an infant, crying to sleep on the crib’s plane.
Mom sung for fairies and assured herself, is crib really plane?If one believe, there are ears, telling him will not go in vain.
No one knows his plane, and soul can feel him something to gain.

But there was the world, full of curves, the domain was not sane.
He climbed the stair of steps; where each step seemed a plane.

On such planes, there were some highlands and valleys between,
Top of highland seemed a plane, as the valley looked just a plane.

He felt there were friends on different plane, some were high, some low.
Magic planes gleamed and disappeared, and also changed like a see-saw.

Some pushed up, some pulled up, some tried to push him down.
Some times he became king of the plane and some times just a clown.

Sitting on such a plane, thought, why people had told, the Earth was a plane?
When one day they accepted that, everything they believed went in vain.

Moon appears plane, Sun appears plane, on the first sight every thing looks like plane.
Moon round, earth round, sea have curves, as life have curves, Never was such a plane.


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