Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 7, 2004

Newton’s Law of (E)motion

“Every action have equal and opposite reaction.”

It’s the formal definition of Newton’s third law of motion that we have learnt in our school days applicable to all physical objects. I take courage to widen it’s domain beyond the physical objects. For me this new (old) domain is made of abstract feelings. In other words the every emotion have equal and opposite reaction. Love gives love back, Hate gives hate back, terror gives terror(ism) back.
But many of us might have seen the reverse situations in our life which may seem to defy this rule of emotion. Like..
A person laughs when the opposite wants to tell something else. A person laughs when the opposite cries.A person frowns when opposite could not express something.
These emotions may appear in any combination. When we start thinking of these it seems a quiet complex situation. But I like to find out the simplicity in every complexity.

First of all I never believe that any person wants to hurt the other person knowingly. When he/she want to make other laugh because after seeing opposite’s laughing face he/she will be happy .How the person cruel may be , he/she will prefer to see a happy face rather a angry or sad face. For getting this ambition she/he will go to any measure. This is where the fault starts. This is where the person is blamed to be cruel or rude.
And the fault is breaking the law of emotion.

Actually we did not allow to complete the emotion (action) of the person. In a case when I want to make a person laugh, do he is sitting with some untold emotions?If I want to tell some pains in my heart to a person does already she is crying himself? Should I tell my pain to other when he/she is happy? Let his/her emotion complete, and it’s me who can return the emotion’s action (flow) and the person will get all the energy back.After this I can start a new action wishing that it will complete. The law is quite simple like our own Newton, like me, like you.

What do we need to think is, did the first action have completed the reaction ?

Still in simpler words…
“I need to cry when the other cries” even though I have a great news to be happy.
“I need to hear when the other wants to tell” even though my life is facing disaster.
“I need to laugh when my friend laughs” even though I have untold pains in my heart.

But still the fallible human like me thinks that if sometime I fail to do so, my friend will pass the test of time.



  1. i heard thats too!

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