Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 3, 2004

Scientific Thinking of an Illiterate woman

Today morning I had a peculiar pain in my neck, I could not move the neck to my right side. Maa told me that it may be due to some faulty seeping posture. We talked about the pains in the body .She have a long experience with chronic pain. She is an efficient ayurvedic doctor without any medical degree. We have an almirah full of such ayurvedic herbs and books. But preparing ayurvedic medicines is very lengthy process. So she suggested me an exercise which she learnt from an old illiterate woman, who used to live near to her school. In Govt. schools here you can see such ladies collecting cow dung into the school premises. So she knew my mother well . My She was well conversant with Maa. Now one day she suggested that “Didiji (Madam) you have pain in your body now, I will give you a mantra which will cure your pain”. Seeing Maa’s inquisitive she continued to tell “ See I am giving you the mantra. Don’t tell any body else — Stand near the electric pole ( the electric lamp posts near the road which is flat and made of concrete) and keep your whole back as well as your feet and back of the head in contact against the pole. Keep your eyes straight and tell yourself “You are my Bhasur (Elder brother of one’s husband) and I am your Bhawo ( Wife of one’s younger brother ) three times slowly. But no body should see you.” Do it daily you will feel relieved from pain.”. My Maa kept smiling while telling the story.
And Maa did not went to any pole and did not muttered the line but followed the underlying scientific theory behind the mantra. Maa did it at home and got relief from pain to some extent.
“The lesson is to stand straight against a wall and stretch the body to the maximum height and do breathing exercises”.
I am too inspired by the old illiterate woman.


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