Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 2, 2004

Bride Wanted – A classified

It’s quite exhilarating and awaited words for thousands of parents and guardians (Of course prospect brides too) which appear on Sunday issues of newspaper. I am among the thousands. I read Hindi, English and Bengali paper every Sunday. Once I read it, I decide not to read it next Sunday. Oh! My decision fails next Sunday. Not the topic but the content in it repels me. Some words seem to hurt me, May I am new to these things!

Starting with caste and creed, and showing the status of the Groom (who tells that one should not ask the salary of man?) .Then comes some common words, if not common for each ad but most popular one. I must clarify here that as a reverse effect these words also appear in Groom wanted section too.

B’ful /Beautiful/Very beautiful: So first the upper appearance matters! What do we think of the beautiful mind behind each face? Do only beautiful faces contain beautiful(thoughtful) minds? Or one need not be concerned about the mind at all?

Extremely fair/ Very fair / Fair: Does fairer skin means that one will be adjustable to the family or society? Does it mean that one will get the fair behavior after marriage? Does it mean that the generation will improve in colour? Ok! I wish they should write it. At least the cosmetic companies will be benefited along with you .Since the companies can make the prospect bride fairer in few weeks or 5 rupees.

Slim: Analogous to above terms this term needs clarification to me. Do they want model type configuration? Do they mean that the prospect wife should look smart in jeans while sitting behind the bike as well as gorgeous in Benarasi sari in family functions? Or do they want just a physically fit bride?

Homely: So one is going to bring a bride in “his home”. And he is a busy executive. He has aged parents at home. Someone is needed to look after the parents who spent sleepless night for changing the nappies when the Mr. Executive was an infant! And after all who will take care of home, children, etc.?

I don’t want to hurt any one who will be a bride of someone and who have all the above qualities (Our stereotype society call it !) and probable more qualities addition to it.
I just want to ask that, are these the primary symbols of womanhood and its existence. Does these words does not underestimate a woman. Like selling or buying property, are using these words a necessity for human too?

Why don’t see any advertisement like?…

“Wanted a human, a companion, whose brains I can read. With whom I can share the joys and pains, laughter and tears to complete the important part of the journey.”

Certainly more things needed to be added as per your convenience. And is this not enough?



  1. Lovely blog and I really enjoyed visiting your blog!

  2. Totally Cool…..
    Thats almost exactly what i have to say too and really liked the way you framed your advertisemnt..
    You sure have a beautiful mind…

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