Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 2, 2004


When do I post my blogs, next thing I do is, checking my previous blogs, not to revise them but to check the comments posted on them. There are always 0 comments like thousands other blogs posted here. I am happy to know this fact. Introspection – Did I heard any body’s voice? Did I heard my seniors the front benchers and front runners. So I start hearing my seniors. Consequently I start seeing their blogs. Almost everyone here has tried to pour her/his soul. If the frequencies of those blogging souls meet my frequency, I put comments (I have to learn how to comment well). My senior bloggers keep talking keeping me near to them. I will like to hear more and more everyday. We the Navodayans are accustomed to do so. We had long morning assembly at the JNVP at the Maranga campus on green grass under the blessing sunshine.
There most part of it will be spent on hearing our principal sir’s (Dr .S. N. Jha’s) long speeches and moral stories (Some days it lasted two hours too. I don’t know whether Jaya had such an experience ). He used to tell us that’s our endurance test and patience that we were hearing him sitting in the fierce sunshine. His speeches still stands true in practical life. Being a Navodayan, I have big ears for bloggers. And Listening is a nice experience.


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