Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 1, 2004

Addiction – If you can help me!

To me everyone is seems to be addicted. So I am addicted too. Before I tell about myself let me tell about my colleagues. Mr. Sampat before smoking, chews pan. Neither he throws the pan nor he swallows it. May the taste increases as much as he chews it. If some urgent talks is going to starts, he will move to the window and spit half of the chewed portion between the window rods. Judiciously he will save the half of it in mouth and start chewing again. The window rods have become red coloured and rusty due to his spitting. We have Mr. Kishor, a younger colleague. He will get a pouch of Rajnigandha and tear it. He will again tear a packet of Tulsi and put it’s content in the Rajnigandha powder to make a mixture. As a routine work he will pour the whole mixture in his mouth to chew. Human can mimic cow’s style perfectly. He feels confident and starts working. Mr. Pandit is teetotaler so would not touch anything but he is desperate for “money matters” and he will keep every account of it. He is an accountant in Sarkari (government )office. Due to him only our govt. offices have reached so respectable position in our sight. But Mr. Riyaz is quite economical. He likes Khaini (raw tobacco with lime). Near to him if some one is wishes for his work to be done earlier than other waiting persons. He will start preparing khaini for him after rubbing the tobacco and lime together. Mr. Ankit, the peon is not an exception, one day he came drunk wine and sat in front of the accountant and started telling his grievances against the office. So we are leaving a mutually understanding environment. Each one suggests other to be good. Why should I be the exception. Being a person sitting apart from them in my glass cabin, I have tried to avoid all this. But I am addicted too! I too search for something as soon as clocks ticks 5.00 clock and my office hours finishes. I, as well you call this addiction “www”. I think it’s very much sticky and never finishing like chewing gum. And my "http://www". seems more tasty as much I chew it. It’s taste also changes as per the time. If some friend sees me at this time on my PC, he will surely comment that I have become addicted to Internet. I try to explain it’s taste to him. But he will still advise, it’s injurious to my health. Yes, I accept it. When someday at tours or when our office or home internet link does not work, I feel quiet bad. And tense mentally. Since last 6 years I am addicted to it starting my student life. Like my other colleague, I cannot leave my addiction .And I want to be entangled with this world wide web. And I cannot help myself. I am sending a SOS to you :-). If you can help me….



  1. Hey there

    Thanks for this great post it was just the missing info that i needed for my study

    I have bookmarked your site in the hope that you will bring more of this great stuff to the table


    Wilco Breens

  2. @ Wilco,

    Welcome to your own blog 🙂

    But I am still addicted badly to net :(… Yeh ! I am planning to write on the same more.

    With lots of love.

  3. This is very nice and informative post. I have bookmarked your site in order to find out your post in the future.

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