Posted by: Prem Piyush | November 23, 2004

Who Am I ?

“Sir, I am Prem Piyush on the motherland with a purpose to lead my life in such a way that I can remain alive in the heart of the People”—-was my answer when ,the chairman,an army officer asked me to define myself during the interview at Army School, Khaprail, Darjeeling.Surprise to me the Madam Principal along with other members in the interview board, started laughing with other members and told me to tell about my educational background, family background etc”. I answered accordingly and my interview lasted 15 minutes.

That day I got a lesson from the interview. Adding to my surprise, next day my name was enlisted on the notice board among selected candidates. Still I would like to introduce myself this way except interviews of course. What I believe that,the person himself is more important than his family background and educational background.

Yes I have an identity, of course nurtured by our parents, society, and the culture I belong. But can it be judged only by parental and educational background? Even if it matters for me , it does not matters for other millions.

Again There are millions who are devoid of such identity of educational or parental background. Millions die, so millions born .Sure, I am not an exception. The infinite string which connects everyone is the humanity and it’s pain, it’s joy. So we together need to strengthen the string.

I and you should be replaced by we. Yes, I agree that Self Help is the best way to Help the world. One should explore one’s capacities to full extent. And are not millions who underestimate their capacity? Don’t they need elixir to revitalize themselves? What is the call of the time is, to know their heart, their brain, not only their qualifications, money, status, etc.

In my context free language I would mention a short episode:

Last December I had traveled with one of my elderly relative on a “passenger train” crossing a railbridge over a river called Mahananda. He indicated me the sand down to bridge which was a cremation ground with a small pucca shelter. Alas! He could not return through the bridge.When he died of illness, I accompanied his abode body to the same cremation place for last rituals. Now we were down the bridge, at the cremation ground. Suddenly I heard the long whistle of the same “passenger train” again and saw it passing over the bridge. We don’t know where are weat what point of time. Every body’s state changes with respect to time.

We are just the fortunate travellers of the passenger train which completes one trip in 24 hours. How many trips we make ( I thank God since he allowed me for 27 X 365 + trips till now) is upto Him. How we behave with your co – passengers is upto us .What impressions we create among the co-passengers who will remain travelling while I have to get down.

So this is just not an episode. This episode will replay for every one of us some or the other way. What we can leave is our essence . “I” cannot travel long. Long live “our journey”.



  1. i love that carpet!

  2. ask d principal bout d student who burned her self y wat was d reason behind it

  3. principal of army school khaprail

  4. Anonymous,
    I failed to know the context of some episode you are mentioning, so I am helpless to comment anything.

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